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17' Fiberglass Canoe

Cost each: $1,700

The canoeing course provides students with tandem-paddling and tripping skills for flatwater and lake canoeing. The students develop the skills needed to manage this craft in both a camp and wilderness setting in preparation for provincial certification. Presently our fleet needs additional canoes to accommodate the class size.

Program area: Adventure Guiding

Kayak Bilge Pump

Cost each: $45

During kayaking courses, Adventure Guiding students are taught many aspects of personal safety as well as safety of the guests. The kayak bilge pump is used in a variety of situations including clearing the boat of water after capsizing. Many of the bilge pumps are reaching replacement age from continuous use and exposure to sand, salt and weather. Needed: 8 Cost each: $45

Program area: Adventure Guiding

Kayak Touring Paddle

Cost each: $180

Students in the Adventure Guiding program learn essential paddling skills as well as lean turns, bracing and rolling. The weight of the paddle and its movement through the water directly impact propulsion and safety. Many of the paddles are currently reaching replacement age from continuous use and exposure to sand, salt and weather.

Program area: Adventure Guiding

Neoprene Spray Skirt

Cost each: $160

Neoprene spray skirts are worn at all times when in a kayak. They are worn around the student's waist and the "skirt" portion covers the kayak's cockpit. A good fit is essential for safety as it needs to stay in place to keep the water out, and when necessary, it needs to be easily taken off, especially during an emergency. Many of the spray skirts are currently reaching replacement age from continuous use and exposure to sand, salt and weather.

Program area: Adventure Guiding

Touring Sea Kayak - Single

Cost each: $3,200

Sea kayaks are in continuous use during the Adventure Guiding program. Many kayaks in the fleet and their associated equipment were purchased at the start of the program and are all reaching replacement age at the same time. Newer models will support student safety, learning (current manufacturers and equipment designs) and comfort during our Sea Kayaking 1 & 2 courses.

Program area: Adventure Guiding

Hire a Student

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Add a fresh perspective to your business when you hire a student as an intern or co-op student. Students bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm and up-to-date skills to the workplace. They have the relevant training but need the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to real world problems. Students are eager to take on any new challenge to help your business succeed.

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Program area: Business Administration

Mentor a Student

Your time: 6 hours, Value: Priceless

In partnership with the Comox Valley Chamber of Commerce, the School of Business is proud to promote the Global Leaders of Tomorrow mentorship program which connects top business students with working professionals, creating community connections and building intercultural intelligence. Student mentees meet with their mentors in the business community from October to March with a minimum time commitment of six hours.

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Program area: Business Administration

Sponsor a Business Course

Sponsorship range: $50 - $5,000

The School of Business works closely with community businesses to collaborate on mutually beneficial projects. These projects allow students to apply their skills on real world business situations while providing valuable feedback and recommendations to partnering businesses. As an applied degree program, the School of Business makes it a priority to connect students with local organizations to enhance the learning process.

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Program area: Business Administration