Fine Arts & Design

Camcorder Mountable Microphone

Cost each: $330

These camera mountable mics are ideal for gathering broadcast quality sound, allowing students to work independently with a compact unit that does not require an additional sound person on their crew. Currently, students are limited to using the camcorder's built-in audio system or long arm plug in set up. This mounted microphone would give students professional sound quality with the ability to work independently and creatively at any location.

Program area: Fine Arts, Interactive Media

Video-HD Camcorder

Cost each: $2,500

Fine Arts diploma students and faculty use camcorders on a regular basis for projects in courses such as Digital Visual Arts and Creative Processes. Several camcorders are reaching their product lifespan from continuous use. This higher end model of camcorder gives students range of functionality that reflects today's industry standards in arts, technology and design. It also supports video file formats that are compatible with the college's current video editing software.

Program area: Fine Arts, Interactive Media

Manfrotto Arm with Bracket

Cost each: $250

Students can use this extendable sliding arm system to create cinematic motion effects while recording video for a wide range of projects produced during both years of the Fine Arts diploma program. This type of equipment is not currently available to students, but would expand the utility of existing photo supports in the studio while increasing opportunities for students to produce professional calibre work.

Program area: Fine Arts, Interactive Media

Wireless Mic

Cost each: $749

Wireless mics are ideal for recording broadcast quality interviews without the issues of having a hand held microphone in the frame or loss of sound quality. Students are currently limited to using a hand held mic or the camcorder's built-in mic. Videography and media equipment support a wide range of creative processes and are used widely by students for Digital Visual Arts projects toward completion of the two-year diploma.

Program area: Fine Arts, Interactive Media

Professional Print Proofing Stations

Cost each: $3,600

Supporting both lab instruction and continuous student use, these self-calibrating monitors accurately display colour and are essential for professionals working in print, photography, and video post production. Unlike conventional monitors, these would allow students to accurately see colour adjustments and support critical decisions while editing digital files for print production and reducing material costs for student printing.

Program area: Fine Arts, Interactive Media

Video Glidecam and VistaTrack

Cost each: $2,000

The Video Glidecam and VistaTrack is a four-foot long track that allows super-smooth camera movements that are accurate and vibration free. This industry standard system would allow students to create cinematic motion effects while recording video. A Glidecam system is not currently available to students but would give them access to the tools needed to produce the professional calibre videography used in the arts, media and internet applications.

Program area: Fine Arts, Interactive Media

Talisman Rotary Sieve

Cost each: $265

The Fine Arts ceramics studio has only one Talisman rotary sieve which is used by every student when preparing glazes. The rotary sieve uses a crank handle to speed up the process of blending and sieving glazes. The current sieve has reached its useful lifespan and is ready to be replaced.

Program area: Fine Arts

Pottery Wheel

Cost each: $1,800

The Fine Arts ceramics studio is home to eight pottery wheels which support beginner to advanced students for a vast array of programs, including the Fine Arts diploma, Continuing Education, Comox Valley Potters, as well as other community ceramics courses. Two wheels are now reaching the end of their lifespan from continuous use and are ready to be replaced. A new wheel would support hundreds of students and be used well over 100 times in a week.

Program area: Fine Arts

Ceramics - Giffin Grips

Cost each: $275

A Giffin Grip is a tool that centers and holds pots for trimming on the potter's wheel. It takes the most frustrating step out of the process, especially when creating unusual or advanced forms. This piece of equipment is not currently available to students, but would work with the current studio wheels while making it easier for students to produce advanced complex pieces.

Program area: Fine Arts