Health & Community Care

SimMan - Medium Fidelity

Cost each: $5,000

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program apply their learning to pre-programmed patient scenarios using lifelike manikins in the Human Patient Simulation lab. The present simulator system is ready for replacement from continuous use. This new model is compatible with the current manikins and would upgrade the opportunities for student learning.

Program area: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

SimPad System

Cost each: $1,415

Staying current with technology in the Human Patient Simulation lab allows for greater efficiencies and capacities for learning and utilizing simulation cases. The original simulator system is already obsolete and limits our ability to use the simulation lab to full scope. This model is compatible with the current manikins and would upgrade the opportunities for student learning.

Program area: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Vitals Monitor + Stand

Cost each: $3,000

When students use state-of-the-art equipment in their learning capacity, they are able to seamlessly transition these skills to the practice setting. This allows them to focus on the patient, already having achieved competency with the equipment the student will use in Island Health facilities. Presently there is one monitor for 36 students. This makes it difficult for students to get the practice they need on this specialized piece of equipment. An additional two monitors would help the students build confidence.

Program area: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Blood Pressure Simulator

Cost each: $1,236

Life-like simulators allow the presetting of values for both systolic and diastolic pressure. It provides an excellent means to practice listening to and distinguishing blood pressure sounds prior to actual clinical experience.

Program area: Practical Nursing

Fetal Replicas

Cost each: $628

The fetal replica models assists the students to visualize the growth of the fetus from fertilization to birth. Most nursing schools use this type of model for demonstration purposes.

Program area: Practical Nursing

Lifeform Auscultation Training Station

Cost each: $5,184

This item gives students a lifelike anterior and posterior auscultation training station complete with smartscope technology and remote control. Licensed Practical Nurses perform critical and complex physical assessments on their patients. Having this type of training better prepares the student for the clinical setting. This station would be shared between two campuses.

Program area: Practical Nursing

Pitting Edema Trainer

Cost each: $136

Part of patient assessment includes observation of swelling of the extremities. Pressing on the surface of the skin may leave an indentation that is known as pitting edema. Pitting edema is a subjective observation and is graded by the depth of the indentation. Pitting edema trainer uses life-like simulated tissue to demonstrate stages 1+ to 4 +.

Program area: Practical Nursing

Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit

Cost each: $1,696

The kit will assist the nursing educators in creating medical experiences that are as lifelike as possible for students.

Program area: Health Care Assistant

Aquatic Ocean Standard Commode

Cost each: $1,100

The Ocean Commode is a multi-functional stainless steel chair with maximum adjustability. It can be used as a commode chair, shower chair or bedside commode. The functionality noted above is suited for student use in the skills lab and the college's accessible bathroom to simulate the activities of care associated with activities of daily living.

Program area: Health Care Assistant

Anatomical Torso with Removable Organs

Cost each: $2,500

It is an excellent tool for demonstrating complex material related to human anatomy, physiology, and disease process content in the program. Particularly useful for learners whose preferred style is visual and hands-on learning.

Program area: Health Care Assistant