Trades & Industry Training

Road Runner Aircraft Scales

Cost each: $10,000

Students in the Aircraft Structures Technician program use specialized scales to accurately measure the weight of aircraft. The program currently borrows a set of scales for student use from a local aviation company.

Program area: Aircraft Structures Technician

Consulab Light Trainer

Cost each: $8,295

This item is a working set of vehicle lights on a stand which can be used to train in troubleshooting. Students can build a complete automotive lighting system with body control module (BCM) daytime running lamps, instrument panel lamps and dimmer, dome lamp and door switches and high beam indicator light. The BCM also monitors the on/off operation of many other circuits. Trainer uses a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier platform and provides hands-on learning to four students at a time.

Program area: Automotive Service Technician

Used Compact Car, 2005 or Newer

Cost each: $5,000

Automobile technology advances swiftly from year to year. Each make and model utilizes different parts and processes for automotive repair. To tackle the vast knowledge required in this industry, students practice on a fleet of 11 vehicles (including three trucks and one compact SUV) with models ranging in age from 1999 and older to more computerized 2010 models. Within this fleet, both campuses are currently in need of at least one 2005 or newer model to enhance access and support student learning opportunities for this very common model.

Program area: Automotive Service Technician

*TAX RECEIPTS are issued based on average value of three estimates.

Valve Grinder

Cost each: $1,000

The Valve Grinder is an essential piece of equipment used in the automobile repair industry for restoring intake and exhaust valves. A new or used item would give students hands-on training and practice learning how to renew valves. This training is part of the curriculum but the equipment is not currently available for hands-on student practice.

Program area: Automotive Service Technician

Battery Powered Cordless Drill Set

Cost each: $184

Students in the Carpentry Foundation program and all Carpentry Apprentice Technical Training levels use cordless battery powered hand drills daily on a wide range of projects. New drill sets will replace this well-used equipment which is reaching the end of their product lifespan from continuous use.

Program area: Carpentry Foundation

Automated External Defibrillator

Cost each: $541

The HeartStart Trainer Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a piece of lifesaving equipment that is becoming more commonplace in businesses, community and public locations in Canada. The use of the AED is a very vital part of all of our first aid training courses and is taught along with CPR to increase the chances of survival in someone whose heart has stopped due to a medical emergency. Unfortunately, AED trainers are not repairable so once they have reached the end of their life cycle, they need replacing.

Program area: First Aid Training

Handheld Digital Weather Instrument

Cost each: $500

Fire and EMT professionals rely on accurate weather data to properly execute their essential responsibilities. Wildland firefighters can replace their outdated belt weather kits with a single, cell-phone sized Kestrel Meter, while urban firefighters use Kestrel Meters to measure wind speed before deploying ladders and aerial equipment.

Program area: Coastal Forest Resource

Contactors and Starters

Cost each: $250

Contactors and starters are an essential part of motor control. There isn't a motor in the world that doesn't have a starter associated with it. Industrial Automation students use basic small hardware devices that are used in every section and critical to putting together our capstone project. Every additional unit helps.

Program area: Industrial Automation


Cost each: $1,000

Industrial Automation students work on a wide range of electronic systems, from motor controls and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to data acquisition, computer control systems, and robotics. Motors are used in every section and critical to putting together our capstone project. These well-used devices are replaced on a regular basis from continuous use.

Program area: Industrial Automation

Solar Panel and Inverter

Cost each: $880

This energy source of the future relates directly to student coursework in power electronics. The solar panels are combined with central inverters and battery storage for off grid applications, or with micro inverters for a “grid backup” system. To ensure student learning keeps pace with industry, the program would like to begin building an inventory of new or used solar panel technology for student use. For example, even one solar panel + micro inverter ($880) would allow the program to begin hands-on demonstrations.

Program area: Industrial Automation

Water Cooled Tig Torche

Cost each: $550

Advanced Welding Level A students use water cooled tig torches on a regular basis for high frequency AC aluminum welding. Water cooled torches are required because of the high currents that students are using and the heat that is generated in use. Several torches are nearing the end of their useful lifespan from continuous use and are ready to be replaced.

Program area: Welding