Professional Advisors

With 82% of Canadians contributing to charity on an annual basis*, charitable giving is becoming an increasingly important part of your client's overall financial plan. If you are a financial planner, notary public, lawyer, accountant or other professional advisor looking to develop charitable giving plans for your clients, the NIC Foundation offers a variety of giving opportunities and resources that can help.

Helping You Help Your Clients

Giving back to the community through the NIC Foundation is easy. Your clients can take advantage of a variety of giving options to best suit their philanthropic and financial goals. Through NIC Foundation, you may be able to help your clients reduce their taxes, increase their current income, increase their heirs' inheritance, and create a legacy for the community.

Tools & Resources

  • Give Now or Give Later?
    Our tax savings calculator illustrates how your client can minimize taxes today and maximize legacies tomorrow with real-life financial examples, incorporating all assets including insurance.
  • Ways to Give
    Your client can establish a fund using a wide variety of assets, including cash, appreciated securities, and real estate. These assets can be given now, or later, as part of an estate plan. Visit What Can I Do for all your options.
  • Find a Fund
    We currently administer $5 million in philanthropic endowed assets. Search our full list of funds in the 2022 Scholarships & Bursaries list. Your client can create a fund or add to an existing one.
  • Professional Advisors eResource
    Learn to talk about charitable giving, offer effective gift options, and provide useful investment scenarios with online resources from the Community Foundations of Canada.
* Source: Statistic Canada
Contact us to learn more about the NIC Foundation, ways to give or donating today.
Dale Pateman
"Recent updates to tax breaks for charitable giving make it easier and more flexible for clients to maximize tax savings AND charitable giving – a win-win situation."
Rhonda Johnson
Associate, Duncan Craig LLP