Scholarships and Bursaries

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Scholarships and bursaries are student awards that serve a vital role in supporting access to post-secondary education and help hundreds of deserving students every year. With each new award, another individual has the opportunity to change his or her life for the better.

NIC Foundation Scholarships & Bursaries

Generous donors in our communities provide scholarships and bursaries through the NIC Foundation. Awards are available for students in all program areas at varying stages of their education. Browse the 2019 Scholarships & Bursaries list and contact us to donate to an existing fund or to create a new award.

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Ways to Fund an Award

You can fund an award at NIC on an endowed or an annual basis, or a combination of both. It is also possible to increase support for students by adding to an existing fund. Scholarships are established to reward and encourage outstanding academic achievement. Bursaries help students in need cover the cost of their education.

To establish an endowed award, you, individually or with a group of other donors, set up a capital fund through the NIC Foundation that will support your award in perpetuity. The investment income generated by the capital, which varies based on actual market returns, is distributed by the Foundation to provide an award for students annually.

We value the impact your investment has on student success and are pleased to offer donors matching funds to help you grow your investment faster. While this funding is not guaranteed every year, the NIC Foundation has historically received grant funding from the NIC Board of Governors to match on a pro rata basis every dollar donated to our endowed awards in the current fiscal year.

Your fund can be named for you or a family member, friend, organization or colleague, honour or in memoriam. We will work with you to set up your preferred terms and award criteria in your NIC Foundation Endowment Agreement. The minimum amount required to create an endowment is $5,000. You may choose to give the full amount or build your fund over a period of three years.

See how your donation grows with us:

Your Donation Matching Grant at $0.251 Endowment Total Annual Student Award at 3.6%2
$5,000 $1,250 $6,250 $225
$10,000 $2,500 $12,500 $450
$25,000 $6,250 $31,250 $1,125
$50,000 $12,500 $62,500 $2,250

1 The NIC matching grant for every endowment dollar donated was $0.25 in 2014/15 and $0.66 in 2013/14.

2 The Foundation's average interest rate was 3.6% in 2014/15 and 3.7% in 2013/14.

Some donors choose to fund awards on a one-time or year-to-year basis. Each fall, the NIC Foundation will offer you an invitation to take part in our Awards program. You can decide at that time to participate or not for the coming year. We will work with you to finalize an Annual Award Agreement when the award is established. One-time or annual awards are not eligible for NIC matching funds.
It is possible to fund an award on an annual basis, for example at $500 per year, while also making additional gifts to build an endowment fund over time, with the goal of eventually having the annual award fully supported by the endowment income.
Hundreds of scholarship and bursary funds have been created to support students for generations. Your contribution can increase both the dollar value of the award and its impact for students. Browse the 2019 Scholarships & Bursaries list to find an award that resonates with your passion and values and we can direct your donation accordingly.
Donate now or contact us to create your student award today.