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We are an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting student success, education and community growth through North Island College.

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RBC Foundation helps NIC students gain vital industry experience

Students in NIC’s DIGITAL Design + Development program gained access to a new online career experience and learning platform, thanks to support from RBC Foundation’s Future Launch program.

Historic legacy gift helps hundreds of NIC students

Almost 300 NIC students will receive $1,000 each, thanks to the largest bequeathed gift in NIC Foundation history.

Chan Nowosad Boates donates largest corporate gift to NIC

Hundreds of NIC students will be able to reach their educational, career and life goals thanks to the largest corporate cash gift in NIC Foundation history.

Mailman family donates largest gift in NIC's history

North Island College officially unveiled the Mailman Family Foundation Student Commons on Monday to recognize the largest donation in NIC history.

the difference you make
It's your gift ...
  • that funds the bursary,
  • that gives a single parent the opportunity,
  • that lets her become a full-time student,
  • and remain a dedicated mom without working nights,
  • that leads to her earning a degree,
  • that will lead to a bright career,
  • that will help her build a better life for herself and her family.
  • and strengthens our community.

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Your Investment
Kyle Matthews
"Donating high appreciated securities to the NIC Foundation provided a timeless investment in our local community and helped us save capital gains taxes on the disposition of the securities."
Kyle Matthews
NIC Business Alumni
Partner, Moeller Matthews Chartered Professional Accountants

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